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Sunset (New to 2024)

Dazzling, bright orange curds form on this round-headed early autumn harvest cauliflower. Sow Sunset cauliflower seeds and grow the plants closer together to produce miniature orange cauliflower heads with even more intense colour. This cauliflower keeps its colour when cooked, but it's also delicious raw and looks spectacular on a vegetable tray. 

Plant description from West Coast Seeds. 

Graffiti (New to 2024) 

Unlike Rosalind, which straddles the line between cauliflower and broccoli, Graffiti is most definitely a cauliflower. Sow Graffiti cauliflower seeds early in the spring for summer harvest, or rely on it more for fall harvest. In intense purple colour of its densely packed curds fades a little when cooked, but it looks ravishing when served raw with a dip.

Plant description from West Coast Seeds. 

purple of sicily.jpg

Purple of Sicily (New to 2024)

Beautiful, brilliant purple heads weigh 2-3 lbs and are of a fine, sweet flavor. The heads cook to bright green. Insect resistant, it is also easier to grow than many white varieties, and it is rich in minerals. This colorful heirloom is from select Italian seed, and is our favorite purple cauliflower every year!

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds. 

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