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Swiss Chard and Bok Choy 

5 color silverbeet.jpg

Five Color Silverbeet

(Rainbow Chard) A beautiful chard, its colors are brilliant (pink, yellow, orange, red, and white). This chard originated in Australia. Very mild, ornamental, and tasty. Great for market growers and specialty markets. Pretty enough to plant in the flower garden; so delicious and one of our favorite greens!

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds. 

Perpetual Spinach

Belongs to the same species as chard and beets, but it has distinctive differences. The taste is more like a true spinach than ordinary chard, and the leaves look like spinach too—flatter and more pointed than chard, with slimmer stems. Very longstanding in the garden, yielding from late spring through autumn if planted early.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds.

snow white.jpg

Snow White (New to 2024)

This giant choy is celebrated for its snowy white and supremely succulent stems. Plants stand over 16 inches tall, and the thick stems are extremely juicy, with a perfect crispy texture. Enjoy raw as a refreshing snack (far superior to celery sticks) or in salads. Stunning when stir fried, steamed, or swirled into soups! Jere Gettle encountered this gourmet variety while visiting the city of Nanjing, China. There you can still find this traditional cabbage along sidewalks, drying for wintertime use. 

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds. 

Yellow Heart Winter (New to 2024)

This beautiful variety from China is of the best-tasting and cold-hardiest greens. It’s also called “Golden Flower in the Snow,” which is a nod to the incredible cold tolerance of this variety.  Cool weather triggers leaves to turn a brilliant yellow color, making the central rosette of leaves look like a massive gilded flower. It is grown year round in China but especially in the cool months as a nutritious staple. These low-growing plants are so winter rugged, in fact, that they survived single digit temperatures at the Baker Creek farm. Plants are just 5-8 inches tall. The plants are super cold loving, great for extra-late season planting and ornamental design. Extra tender leaves are delicious cooked or in salad. A taste test winner! 

Plant description from Baker Creel seeds. 


Purple Lady (New to 2024) 

An Incredible Variety From China!  We love this eye-catching purple baby bok choy, and we believe this is one of the best strains available. Its sweet, rich flavor is perfect for the wok, grill or in salads. We love the highly refined, uniform heads, averaging 6-7 inches tall. The neat little plants make a perfect presentation tucked into the tidy kitchen garden or displayed at the farmers market stand. A beautiful variety, the antioxidant-rich plum-colored leaves really pop against the lime green stems. Crunchy, juicy and flavorful, this is an excellent culinary variety. Much work has been put into selecting for consistently attractive, delicious heads. A must-have for market and home use. 

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds. 

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