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Harris Turnip 

This heirloom turnip has been growing on Full Circle Seeds Farm since 1914 when Mr. Harris cleared the land and planted turnips. Winter hardy, pest resistant in our area. Large white with purple shoulder.

Early snowball 

sometimes called Early White Egg or Snowball, are a favorite for  their tender, juicy, sweet, white flesh. Very fast growing, a spring crop will be ready for harvest before summer heat kicks in.

early snowball.jpg
purple top.jpg

Purple top white globe 

Purple Top White Globe is a fast growing, crisp, fine-grained turnip. It is purple above ground and white below. It keeps its mild, sweet flavor and tenderness yet grows larger than other turnips and stores well.

Silky sweet

Silky Sweet turnip seeds produce high yields of sweet white turnips with the most amazing texture. They really are silky and very tender with smooth flesh and a distinct sweetness.

silky sweet.webp

Aji Kogane 

A Japanese salad turnip with gorgeous, golden skin and oh-so-sweet flesh. It is excellent for raw or cooked preparations and exceptionally easy to grow. If you love the Hakurei turnip, you will love this tender, gilded little morsel. This thin-skinned salad type is scrumptious raw or can be roasted, steamed, and added to soups.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds. 

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