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75 days. One of the most popular chilis in Mexico! 3- to 6-inch heart-shaped fruit is usually of gentle heat, at around 2000 Scovilles. Used green, after roasting and peeling, it is the classic pepper for chili rellenos. Dried, the fruit turns a rich dark red-brown and may be ground into an authentic red chili powder. Plants reach 2 feet or so and require a long season.

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds

Craig's Grande Jalapeno

A delicious, fat jalapeño that is perfect for making lots of salsa. Perfect for anyone who loves jalapeños. It has thick, flavorful, hot flesh. Developed at Redwood City Seeds.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds


Pumpkin Spice Jelepeno

This bright pumpkin-orange colored variety is a lightly spicy and super eye-catching fruit. Ornamental and extremely prolific, well adapted to the hot climates. This pepper stands out for its supremely fruity, sweet flavor. The pumpkin-colored fruit ripens early and is a favorite in our kitchen. These beauties are perfect for stuffing, pickling, or roasting!

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds


Buy our Seasonal Fruits to truly enjoy what nature has to offer! Since 2000, we’ve become famous throughout San Francisco for our natural Seasonal Fruits. We make huge efforts so that we can guarantee that everything we sell at Roaming Raven Farm is 100% natural. Due to our efforts, we are able to assure you that all of our produce contains the healthy nutrients that normally get lost when foods are traditionally grown.


Yellow Monster

These behemoth elongated yellow bell peppers can grow 8 inches long by 4 inches wide! They are really sweet, meaty, and wonderful; so pretty after they turn from green to bright sunshine yellow. These are great fresh, fried, or roasted, so you will be happy the plants produce plenty of these colossal beauties.

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds

Giant Aconcagua (New to 2024)

A scrumptiously, gigantic, sweet red frying pepper from Argentina. These tall plants reach over 3 feet high and benefit from staking as they produce tons of peppers, each reaching almost 12 inches long. Thick- walled flesh, very juicy and sweet. 

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds



BURSTING with fruity, hot goodness! Perfect for spicy salsas, sauces, and fabulous jellies! The renowned pepper originating from St. Augustine, Florida. Local legend says the peppers were brought there from Spain, where they do enjoy a following in Minorca. However, they may also have originated in Chile. Blazing hot, blunt little 3.5-inch fruit ripens to a brilliant orange yellow. The heat is vicious, being comparable to habanero types, but the flavor is more complex, sweeter, and more fruity. 

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds.

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