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A very rare landrace from the Tessin region of Switzerland. These amethyst-colored carrots were rediscovered in the 1950s in the picturesque Alps village of Bre, where local women grew them for sale at farmers markets. “Gniff” is translated to “purple” in the local dialect. Being a landrace, this carrot expresses a range of colors, from its purple exterior to its violet-hued interior. This is a slow-growing storage carrot that is traditionally pickled by steaming, slicing and preserving them in olive oil, parsley, and garlic. A similar type was last described by Vilmorin in 1856 as “sweet, purple carrot with a pale yellow heart.”

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds


A super nutrient-dense heirloom from Europe. Plants are productive and vigorous, with cylindrical, deep orange roots that average 8-9 inches long and resist splitting, even when grown in heavier soils. Its silky-smooth texture makes Koral one of the very best for juicing. This excellent keeper carrot is widely grown in Europe but practically unknown in the USA. Superbly sweet and flavorful for making delicious carrot juice!

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds

Uzbek gold.jpg

Uzbek Golden 

The delectable, lemon-yellow roots have a unique shape! These carrots have a fine-grained texture that is crispy and juicy with plenty of natural sugar. This variety hails from Uzbekistan and is popular across central Asia. Widely adaptable, this variety produced sweet roots even in the hot summer months during our Missouri greenhouse trials, but it is equally vigorous and tasty when grown in cool weather. Called “Mshak” in Uzbek, this variety is easy to grow in a range of soils and temperatures and the flavor is superb. We love this as a snacking or cooking carrot, and in Uzbekistan and Central Asia it is an essential ingredient in plov, or pilaf, a signature dish of that region.

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds

Scarlet Nantes

This well-loved classic is crisp, sweet, and delicious with a high sugar content. It's perfect for juicing, snacking, freezing, and storing. The root matures quickly but is also good when harvested as a baby. Its 6"-7" long root is almost cylindrical and blunt-ended. The fine-grained, red-orange flesh is nearly coreless.

Plant description from Smart Gardener 

Scarlet Nantes.jpg

Ingot (new to 2024)

One of our best tasting carrots, full-flavored with a rich aroma and smooth texture. High carotene content means deep orange color right through the core and high Vitamin A potential. This long Nantes-type adapts to a wide range of soil types and produces uniform roots 7 to 8 inches long.

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