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Sugar Daddy 

$5 a container

Superbly snackable and intensely tasty, this is a truly stringless edible-podded sugar snap pea with a brix (aka natural sugar) level that is just off the charts! The semi-dwarf vines reach just 24 inches tall and can be trellised or allowed to grow without support. Each bushy vine produces a bounty of 3-inch-long pods that can be eaten whole or shelled. They are amazing either way! A perfect choice for beginner gardeners as they’re easy to grow and so rewarding. Even the more ardent vegetable hater cannot resist the Sugar Daddy pea!

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds

Lillian's Caseload 

$5 per container

One of the best-tasting peas we have ever tried. This superior variety was saved by Mennonite farmer Lillian. It is not an old, storied heirloom of antiquity, but rather a discontinued commercial variety that this family did not want to see disappear. Lillian explained that she grew Caseload peas from Johnny’s Seeds and loved the variety. When the company discontinued the Caseload pea, Lillian tracked down some seeds to save. After almost two decades of seed saving, the variety has developed unique characteristics making it different from the original Caseload pea. Vines reach 2-3 feet in length with peas about 2.5-3 inches long, containing 5-7 large, sweet peas.

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds

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$5 per container

Exceptional flavour is well worth the 2-2.5m (6-8') tall trellis these need. Alderman shelling pea seeds produce huge pods with eight or nine peas each over a long harvest window. The pods are easy to pick and shell. Check a few to see if they are filled before picking the whole crop. Alderman is an old heirloom variety, selected from the Duke of Albany pea strain. This noble pea has been grown in country gardens since 1891, and is known in many seed catalogues as Tall Telephone, Improved Telephone, or Rondo o Alderman. This variety is not enation resistant, so it's a great choice for earlier planting in February and March on the coast. Away from the coast, enation is not as serious a problem. Alderman is an excellent choice for canning and quick freezing, or just picking out of the pod right in the garden.

Plant description from West Coast Seeds


$5 per container

These abundant producers grow up to 3 1/2-inch long pods and typically feature eight to 10 small, tender peas. As the pods mature, they become thinner, slender, pointed and curved, making it easier to remove the berries from the pods for eating and cooking.

Plant description from Harris Seeds

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