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Chinese Red Meat 

 The colorful “Beauty Heart” radish of historic China has 4-inch round roots with white-and-green skin, but the magic is in their rose-red center, which is sweet, crisp, and delicious. A good radish to add color to salads and stir fries; must be grown in cool weather and does best when fall planted. These taste incredible when harvested in the late fall or early winter, sweet and flavorful, almost like a crisp fruit. Sometimes called “Watermelon Radish” at market.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds


Amethyst is a uniquely vibrant, bright purple skinned radish with crisp white flesh. Makes a salad into a striking visual feast, with beautifully contrasting purple and bright white tones. With a mildly spicy taste, Amethyst is great to harvest as baby radishes, and if left to get bigger doesn't get pithy as fast as most varieties.



An early, old-time, white spring radish, this one is superb! Simply the best tasting radish we have tried, and many of our customers agree. Very mild and crisp.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds

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