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Hopi Red Dye 

A stunningly vibrant ornamental with myriad traditional Indigenous uses. Originally grown as a dye plant by the southwestern Hopi Nation, this variety has the reddest seedlings of any amaranth known. Plants reach 4-6 feet and cut a most striking figure in the garden! The Hopis use the deep red flower bract as a natural dye to color their world-renowned piki bread. The brilliant red dye rendered from its flowers can be used in craft projects and as a natural food dye -- the possibilities are endless. The young leaves are excellent sautéed. 

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds

Golden Giant 

The attractive golden-colored flower heads produce up to 1 pound of white seed per plant, making this a very heavy producer. These seeds are high in protein, and they can be cooked in a number of ways: popped like popcorn, stewed into porridge, and more. Young leaves are also tasty as cooked greens. Plants grow to about 6 feet and are easy to grow.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds


Aurelias Verde

This native amaranth from Guatemala flowers light green. It is primarily used for grain that is rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Iron. This variety has been revived in the Mayan communities of Baja Verapaz after almost being lost during the civil war. It is named after Aurelia, the woman whose family revived and saved seeds of this amaranth.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds

Elana's Rojo 

This red-flowering, grain type amaranth is from Guatemala, where amaranth has been a staple crop for centuries. It was recently revived in the Mayan communities of Baja Verapaz after nearly being lost during the civil war. It is named for Elena, an indigenous farmer who was primarily responsible for the recovery of this rare local variety.

Plant Description from Baker Creek seeds


Green Calaloo

A popular green vegetable in many countries, including many Caribbean islands where this plant is famous for Calaloo Seafood Soup. Light green leaves are great in stews, stir fries, and soups, with a tangy, spinach-like flavor. Easy to grow in warm weather.

Plant Description from Baker Creek seeds

Red Garnet 

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