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Taiwan Cabbage (New to 2024)

Taiwan Cabbage cabbage seeds produce an oblate or flat-growing hybrid known as KY Cross, with heads that are wider than they are tall. These are surrounded with massive wrapper leaves. This popular variety has really nice flavour and outstanding heat tolerance in heads averaging 1.5kg, but up to 2.5kg (6 lbs) in warm summers with good soil fertility.

Plant description from West Coast Seeds. 

Copenhagen Market (New to 2024) 

Copenhagen Market cabbage seeds are a Danish heirloom introduced by H. Hartman & Co. in 1909. This early variety forms round, solid heads 15-20cm (6-8") in diameter, making it the largest early round-head cabbage for summer harvest. This summer harvest variety has good keeping ability, excellent uniformity, and rich flavour. This variety is outstanding for coleslaw. It's a popular market variety that has the added benefit of shipping very well.

Plant description from West Coast Seeds. 


Nappa Chardonnay

Lodero (New to 2024)

This red cabbage produces medium size heads weighing 1.5-3kg (3-6lbs) that are held high off the ground. The red/purple leaves are tightly packed and has good uniformity. It has an upright growing habit, which allows for slightly closer spacing at transplanting. Lodero retains its colour and stores well after harvest. It is highly versatile and suitable prepared a variety of ways--it's delicious raw, cooked or pickled! 

Plant description from West Coast Seeds. 


Tete Noire

A delicious, small, traditional French variety is very rare outside of Europe. Solid, deep-red heads are of good quality and are mostly grown as an autumn variety in France. A favorite here at Baker Creek, and a reliable producer of firm heads. 

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds. 

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