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China Jade 

Stunning jade flesh and unmatched sweet flavor make this a superb snacking cucumber. A popular cucumber from northern China, these grow well both in the garden or in the greenhouse. The crop is believed to have been brought from western China to the east during the Han dynasty in 216. Cucumbers have long been selected and perfected in China for sweet, nutty gourmet flavor. This variety is an homage to those many years of natural breeding. The long, slender, thin-skinned fruit will develop without pollination, making a seedless and burpless cuke. In Chinese medicine the cucumber is used as a natural refrigerant in the intense heat of summer. The cooling effect is said to soothe heat-related ailments and even heat-induced bouts of anger! A favorite in our trials; we just love the flavor and gemstone-colored flesh! Try growing this variety in a greenhouse without pollinators! The result is a tender and delectable burpless fruit without seeds.

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds

Richmond Green Apple

Super sweet fruit is crisp, like an apple! A unique heirloom from Australia, where it is still popular. The fruit is the size of a lemon but is of a beautiful lime green color. These are excellent for eating: very mild, sweet and juicy. Hard to find and really fun to grow. Excellent flavor! This is an annual favorite at the Baker Creek farm and is truly bitter free. We eat these green globes skin and all.

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds


Dragons Egg

Beautiful cream-colored fruit is about the size and shape of a large egg! Mild, bitter free, and sweet tasting, this little cucumber sets massive yields in our gardens. So fun to grow, and very unique! Great not only for children, but all who enjoy delicious cucumbers. We were sent this heirloom favorite by Reinhard Kraft, a German seed collector, but this heirloom originated in Croatia.

Plant Description from Baker Creek Seeds

Marketmore 76

‘76 is a name that is synonymous with vigor and productivity. Marketmore ‘76 is possibly one of the most recognizable heirlooms, and rightfully so, decades after its initial introduction, this delicious refreshing cuke still boasts impressive disease and pest resistance. Fruit averages 8-9 inches long, perfect for slicing. Dark green with thick protective skin, a perfect choice for market gardening as the rugged little fruit stand up well to shipping but still have the high quality of flavor and texture that grocery store cukes simply can’t match!

The original Marketmore cucumber was developed at Cornell University in 1968 by Dr. Henry Munger, it was hailed as a breeding breakthrough for cucumbers. For 30 years Dr. Munger perfected the Marketmore (and many other incredible vegetable varieties). In 1976 he released a particularly vigorous open pollinated strain of Marketmore, and it remains a favorite of home and market gardeners alike! We are grateful to Dr. Munger, who in his 60 years of breeding at Cornell championed the idea of bringing more densely nutritious vegetables to the forefront of the diet in order to promote health.

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds 

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