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Glass Gem 

Amazing color! Indescribably beautiful flint or popcorn comes in an endless range of colors. The translucent kernels really do shine brilliantly like glass—on the cob they resemble strands of glass beads! The 3- to 8-inch ears are not only decorative, but edible and delicious as well. Makes firm little morsels when popped, but can also be parched, ground into meal, and more. Sturdy plants reach to 9' tall and throw numerous sideshoots where the season is long enough. Bred from a number of Native varieties by our friend the late Carl Barnes, to whom we owe our gratitude for his life’s work of collecting, preserving, and sharing so many significant and historic varieties.

Plant description from baker creek seeds

Mini Blue

The cute, shiny blue ears are decorative, delicious, and colored in uniform indigo or a colonial blue quite unlike the deep purple of some varieties. The ears are a petite 2 to 4 inches long, but the 6- to 7-foot plants often yield three and even four ears per stalk. Try growing these for a blue accent in arranging!

Plant description from Baker Creek seeds


Mini Pink

Stunning ears of mauve to rose pink, pearly kernels. Ears run 3-5” in length. 6- to 7-foot plants often yield 2-3 ears each. When popped, the kernels have a rather nutty flavor. Very decorative in centerpieces, equally enjoyable accompanying your favorite movie.

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds


The popular, cute little ears look just like big strawberries, just 2 to 3 inches long. The 4-foot plants produce 2-4 ears each. Great for fall decorations or making delicious popcorn. 

Plant description from Baker Creek Seeds

red flint.webp

Floriani Red Flint 

Floriani Red Flint corn is a rare, open-pollinated corn variety from Italy with unforgettable flavor — and the possibilities for cooking with it are endless. If you’re hoping to become self-sufficient in grain, or if you’re looking for a cornmeal with a rich, distinct taste and texture, then you’ll love Floriani. This heirloom corn is an old variety from the Italian Alps that was originally selected for qualities that make great polenta.

Plant description from Mother Earth News

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