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Marvel of Venice

The outer skin of the Marvel of Venice bean ranges from a light to honey yellow color and can be from seven to ten inches in length. Inside it contains petite beans which depending upon variety can be black or white in color. When young the bean pod is edible in its entirety and offers a sweet bean flavor and tender yet meaty texture.

Pencil Pod Wax bean 

Pencil Pod Black Wax Beans produce an excellent crop of 15 cm (6") long beans on compact plants. This variety produces stringless, golden-yellow pods that encase black beans inside. The fleshy pods offer exceptional flavor and are ideal for home freezing and canning.

Pencil pod wax bean.jpg
strike bush beans.webp


The Strike Bush Bean has bean pods that are particularly long, usually five to six inches in length. Their pods also have a smooth texture and are a medium-green color. The beans inside the pods are round and white. In terms of their taste, these beans have a nice crunch to them as well as a sweet and juicy flavor that’s popular with many bean eaters.

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