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What do you grow?

We grow a large variety of vegetables and fruits. Our main focus on our farm are microgreens, cane berries, as well as heirloom tomato's, beans and peppers.

Is your produce chemical free?

We do not use chemical sprays on our farm. The only sprays that are used are baking soda, vinegar and food grade hydrogen peroxide, all considered to be organic substitutes.

Is Your Farm Certified Organic

We are not certified organic but we do not use any chemicals to spray our plants. Bugs that often times infest our cane berries are hand picked and anything sprayed for fungal control is considered organic. The only sprays used include vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.

Can we reach out to buy from you directly 

Absolutely! you can reach out to us in our contact form on this webpage as well as instagram and facebook. We can be found by searching Roaming Raven Farm on either social media page.

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